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Dog rescued from Yonge and Dundas parking garage

Toronto firefighters were called to a Yonge and Dundas parking garage to rescue a dog that was locked in a car on Saturday afternoon.

The pup was freed around 5:15 p.m.

Firefighters left a note with their number on the car, and took the dog in for treatment. The dog is expected to be fine.

With the mercury rising, owners are advised to keep their pets in the shade, provide them with plenty of water, limit their food and exercise, keep them off asphalt that can burn paws and never leave them alone in parked vehicles.

Signs to watch for include hard panting, muscle twitching, an anxious or dazed look or even vomiting.

Owners dealing with overheated animals should move them into a cool environment, hose them down or wrap them in a cool towel and take them to a vet as soon as possible. A vet would stabilize the animal, monitor its temperature and may use intravenous fluids to cool them down.

With files from The Canadian Press