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Court green lights Sunrise Propane class-action lawsuit

Nearly four years on, victims of the Sunrise Propane explosion in Downsview are one step closer to settling their claims now that a court has certified a class-action lawsuit.

The suit names Sunrise Propane, some of its suppliers and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

The explosion and subsequent six-alarm fire on Aug. 10, 2008 at the facility on Murray Road, near Keele Street and Wilson Avenue, forced approximately 12,500 people out of their homes. Some houses were completely destroyed and traces of asbestos were detected around the neighbourhood. The blast caused $25 million in damages

The explosion also claimed two lives. The body of Sunrise Propane Energy Group Inc. worker Parminder Singh Saini, 25, was found among the burnt remains of the explosion. Toronto firefighter Bob Leek suffered a heart attack during the response. He showed up at the scene to help colleagues on his day off.

The Ontario Fire Marshal concluded it was an illegal tank-to-tank transfer that caused the explosion. Sunrise Propane didn’t have a licence to conduct that type of transfer and had been ordered by the TSSA to stop doing so.

“We are determined to obtain justice for those whose lives were altered by this terrible event,” lawyer Theodore P. Charney said in a statement. “We believe the ruling brings us closer to resolving this matter.”

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