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The Inside Story: 102-year-old hospital volunteer

One of the volunteers at Toronto East General Hospital is also a patient – but it’s been ten years since she needed any surgery.

Olive Dodd, who is 102 years old, was last at the hospital as a patient for an angioplasty when she was 92.

Now, a decade later, Dodd still has a jam-packed schedule, which includes volunteering, knitting and euchre.

“I didn’t knit until I was 80. I used to sew. When I couldn’t see to thread the needle, I turned to knitting,” Dodd said.

Reflecting back on her long life, Dodd said the world is much better now than when she was young – although she was “disgusted” by the free love moment.

“We didn’t approve.”

Find out more from Dodd in the video.