The Inside Story: 9-year-old go kart racer hopes to make F1

The best way to succeed at a sport is to start young, so Antonio Serravalle’s parents got him started in go-kart racing when he was just three years old.  

Now nine, Antonio has racked up trophies across the world, including a win at the CSAI Italian Championships, which no Canadian has ever done.  He’s also the youngest-ever Canadian national champion.

“None of the top Formula One drivers have attained what Antonio’s achieved,” father Peter Serravalle told CityNews.

“He beat everybody here [in North America] so we moved to races in Europe.”

Antonio hopes to one day join the Formula One circuit, which only has spots for 22 racers. For Antonio, there’s no question that he’ll make it.

“I’m a good driver and I want to win,” he said.

For more on Antonio, visit his website

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