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Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte would "definitely" consider 'Bachelor' stint

Now that he’s an Olympic champion, Ryan Lochte is ready to become America’s next reality TV sweetheart.

The professional swimmer, 28, has followed up his impressive turn in the summer Olympics with a gig on 90210 — he even takes his shirt off! — and now he’s looking to continue a career on TV.

There have been rumors swirling that Lochte will join Dancing with the Stars opposite Michael Phelps, and it turns out he hasn’t ruled it out.

“In college, I took a dancing class. I got an A. So I think I’d be pretty good at it,” Lochte told Jay Leno.

Previously Phelps has said he’s not “known for my dancing,” so this could be Lochte’s chance to really stick it to his fellow Olympic champion. He’s said in the past that “it’s going to be weird” competing without Phelps, so this could be their opportunity to keep the friendly rivalry alive on a public platform.

But we’d be much rather see Lochte on the other reality show he’s been rumored to be interested in: The Bachelor. Leno asks him if he’d join ABC’s hit dating show, and Lochte says he wouldn’t rule it out.

“If they asked me to do The Bachelor, I’d consider it,” the single heartthrob says. “But I talk with my family first. That’s something I’d have to do.”

After his mom accidentally confused “dating around” with “one-night stands,” the Olympian came out and said he knows how to treat a girl right when they’re in a relationship. His sincerity made us really interested to see how he would rank on the list of ABC’s bachelors.

“When I’m in a relationship, I want to give that person my entire heart,” Lochte told Us Weekly. “I wasn’t able to ever do that because of swimming. I’m always on the go.”

Now that the Games are over, he’s ready to go out and have fun.

“The last four years have been really hard. I’m happy with how well I did. I’m happy with my overall performance,” he said.

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