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Smoke at Bowmanville waste recycling firm hospitalizes 2

Two workers had to be hospitalized after a chemical reaction set off a plume of yellow smoke when they unloaded nitrous oxide at a waste recycling firm in Bowmanville, east of the GTA.

A dozen employees at Detox Environmental Ltd. as well as employees of a nearby forklift company had to flee Thursday afternoon after a chemical reaction occurred when a tanker truck with nitrous oxide was being drained and came into contact with another chemical.

Several Detox employees were injured after inhaling the fumes. A truck driver and another person were taken to a local hospital. One is in serious condition.
Clarington fire chief says firefighters neutralized the reaction.

Bennett Road was closed as was the off ramp to Highway 401 but they have since reopened.

The Ministry of Labour has been contacted to investigate the incident, police say.