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The Inside Story: 1 death saved 5 lives, family of organ donor says

The death of Deb White saved five lives, her family said, and they are encouraging others to do the same by becoming organ donors.

“She was my best friend,” her husband Steve said.

“There was no ‘me’ in our marriage – it was always we. She was strong-willed, stubborn, kind and generous.”

White was 55 years old when she died of a brain aneurysm in January.  For her family, organ donation was the obvious choice.

“If her organs could help somebody else have a better life, that’s what our goal was as a family,” Steve said.

Months later, the White family received a letter from an anonymous recipient, thanking them for their generous gift.

The young woman wrote that Deb’s heart had saved her life.

“I carried that letter with me for months,” Deb’s daughter said.

Now, the White family is urging others to become organ donors. Click here for more information. 

Watch the full interview with the family in the video.