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Town rallies around teen victim of high school prank

Whitney Kropp, 16, was the victim of a high school prank. Courtesy of Facebook group Support Whitney Kropp.

The small town of West Branch, Mich., has rallied around a teenage girl who was the victim of a cruel high school prank.

Whitney Kropp, 16, was thrilled when she found out she was named to the homecoming court.

The homecoming king, queen, prince and princess are generally the most popular kids in the school. Kropp’s mother Berenice told The Detroit News her daughter is sweet, but shy – definitely not one of the popular kids.

Then, the football star who was named as her fellow sophomore, withdrew from the court. Other children pointed at her in the hallway and laughed.

“I thought I wasn’t worthy,” Kropp told The Detroit News. “I was this big old joke.”

But when word of the prank spread, her town came out to help.

There are fewer people in West Branch – pop. 2,127 – than there are in the Facebook group Support Whitney Kropp, which has nearly 60,000 members.

It seems that nearly all of them came out to support Kropp, whether it was beauty salons with offers of free manicures and hairstyles for the big night, or dresses from local boutiques.

Others came through with dinner, a car for the night, shoes and even a tiara.

What’s more, Kropp’s supporters have vowed to wear orange to the game where she will be crowned homecoming princess.