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How you're paying for tuition

Tuition fees for full-time students are five per cent higher this September than they were during the same period a year ago, according to recent figures from Statistics Canada.

That comes on top of a 4.3-per-cent increase for the 2011-2012 school year.

Across Canada, the average tuition bill this year is $5,581, compared with $5,313 a year earlier, and Ontario students paid an average of $7,180 in tuition for this academic year, StatsCan said.

Many of you who responded to our survey on how you pay for tuition say it’s through OSAP loans, while others say the bank of mom and dad are footing the bill.

Alyssar Taychouri is currently in her second year at McMaster University and says she’s paying her tuition with the help of OSAP and grants. Brittany Oldershaw is in her last year and paying her tuition with OSAP loans too.

David Pylyp tweeted saying most parents are writing a cheque against their home credit line for their children’s tuition.

Some students are trying to graduate debt free.

Camilla E., who is studying at York University, works on weekends and holidays as well as during the summer. She said she shops “frugally” for her textbooks and materials. She’s also applied for scholarships and bursaries and hopes to win money for her academic marks in her third and fourth year.

“I work as much as possible while still trying to maintain above-average school performance,” she said. “In addition to the stress of the school workload, I find that having the burden of debt and interest rates contributes to anxiety and can become a distraction.“

Lauren Marinigh, who graduated in April, says she’ll be paying her tuition for years to come.

“The reason for this is because I paid my tuition through OSAP and am now trying to pay it off,” she said.

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