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EXCLUSIVE: Edmonton Oiler charged after Toronto bar fight

NHL tough guy Ben Eager is facing charges after an alleged fight at a Toronto bar.

The Edmonton Oiler and his brother Michael are both facing assault charges after an incident involving a doorman.

It happened at The Quail pub on Yonge Street in the Rosedale area, around 1 a.m., Saturday.

Jennine Lombardo, general manager at The Quail and Firkin Pub, told CityNews the fight began inside the bar and then moved outdoors. The doorman allegedly had to hold up a patio chair to shield himself from the attack.

“We are used to dealing with young professionals. Last night stopped staff dead in their tracks and is not typical of what happens at our establishment. Once the fight started, service ended immediately. Our staff was in shock. And we are concerned for our door man who was brutally attacked and hurt.” said Lombardo.

She said the fight was caught on security video, which will be handed over to police on Sunday.

The doorman suffered cuts to the face and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Eager and his brother each face charges of assault, assault with bodily harm and assault with weapon.

Eager is known in the NHL as a tough guy. One of his most notable incidents involved a sucker punch on Toronto Maple Leaf Colby Armstrong for which he was suspended. Eager was also docked $13,000 after he smashed an HD camera with his hockey stick while in the penalty box during a game against Vancouver in December.