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Young and old celebrate Halloween

Kids of all ages took to the streets Wednesday for Halloween.

Despite the rainy weather, children dawned their best ghost, hobo and Superman costumes to seek out candy.

To make sure the trick-or-treaters stayed safe, the Rogers Pumpkin Patrol were in Toronto neighbourhoods keeping an eye on them and offering help when needed.

Here are some tips courtesy of the Pumpkin Patrol and the City of Toronto.

At the end of the night:

  • Check candy for hazards including small candies that may cause toddlers to choke.
  • Dispose of candy that’s not wrapped or shows signs of tampering.
  • Look for candy that may cause an allergic reaction in your child or other family members and throw it out.
  • Put out burning candles.

For children in Sick Kids Hospital who could not get out to to trick or treat, Halloween was brought to them. The kids were able to show off their costumes in front of the whole hospital as staff members dressed up and provided the entertainment.  Dress up day is part of a fundraiser held at Sick Kids for the United Way.

After the kids went to bed it was time for the adults to play. Hundreds took to the streets at Church and Wellesley for the street-closing block party.

What are you go as on Halloween? Share your costumes here, @CityNews, or use the iPhone/iPad apps.