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Coun. Doug Ford wants Walmart-style greeters at city hall

Coun. Doug Ford is calling for Walmart-style greeters to welcome visitors to Toronto’s city hall.

He made the comments during a meeting of the government management committee on Thursday.

The idea was initially floated by local activist Dave Meslin, who addressed councillors at the meeting.

The greeters would work on a volunteer basis and would give directions and information to those arriving at city hall for the first time.

Ford said he was often stopped by visitors asking basic questions, like where to find the bathrooms. The reception desk is not always staffed, Ford said.

He suggested that students and seniors, or others who wanted to “give back,” would be perfect for the job.

Meslin argued that the job should be paid, like similar positions at Walmart and the Apple Store.

The government management committee has asked the city manager for a report on the volunteers. The staff report is due in January.