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Tintin memorabilia up for auction in Paris

Tintin the tufty-haired reporter is at it again — the beloved comic book character is making his way to Paris for a Tintin-themed auction.

Various Tintin memorabilia was put on display at a Paris auction house on Friday ahead of the auction on Sunday.

The third such sale organized by the auction house Piasa in the past three years, Sunday’s auction comprises 180 items, all related to Tintin or his creator, Belgian artist Herge.

The items were collected from independent sellers, according to Piasa Director Alain Cadiou, and prices range from an affordable 100 euros (CND $127) to over 20,000 euros ($25,505).

“I think that what characterizes this sale is that it’s a very sound sale in the auction world. Like the past two times, we called upon the people in France and Belgium, people brought works, we selected them with the help of experts, and we put them in this catalog,” Cadiou said.

The sale will feature several albums by the artist, including a rare first edition and signed copies that are expected to fetch impressive prices.

A first edition version of Tintin au Pays des Soviets (Tintin in the land of the Soviets) from 1930 is estimated to sell for up to 20,000 euros ($25,505). The album is in black and white, as are most early editions of Tintin albums, and is very rare according to Piasa auctioneer James Fattori.

“And editions from this age, we find very rarely in the possession of individuals. So, a rare album that’s estimated between 10 and 15 million euros and that could fetch even more. It’s in a perfect state of conservation. And you can see a particularity of the era, which is that the images are in black and white,” Fattori said.

Other remarkable pieces include an album that Herge signed and dedicated to the future Belgian King Baudouin, and an album signed by the crew of Apollo 11, including Neil Armstrong.

The Tintin comic books were first published in a Belgian newspaper in 1929 and have since spread throughout the world, selling more than 200 million copies to date in over 50 different languages. This June, a rare 1932 cover drawing of a Tintin comic book broke records when it sold for 1.3m euros ($1,657,838) at a Parisian auction.