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Rihanna ends 777 Tour with show in NYC

Rihanna concluded her 777 tour in New York on Tuesday night.

The tour which signified the singer’s seventh studio album, stopped in seven countries over the course of seven days.

One hundred fifty journalist and fans flew with Rihanna aboard a 777. After two days many began to feel trapped, with some saying the singer was holding them hostage. In a form of protest or a way to get the attention of the singer, an Australian DJ streaked on board the plane.

As the tour ended Rihanna issued an apology to reporters saying things didn’t go exactly how she planned.

When asked on the red carpet about the best part of the tour Rihanna quickly said: “the shows.”   

Before performing her seventh show the singer, with a   noticeably hoarse voice, chatted with a local New York City DJ and answered fan questions. A lucky few were even gifted with tickets to the final show in New York City.

The event ended with the 24-year-old greeting fans with hugs and autograph copies of her new CD Unapologetic.   

Rihanna’s new CD was released in stores this week.