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Convicted former drug squad officers spared jail time

A judge has spared five former Toronto drug squad officers jail time after they were convicted of perjury and attempting to obstruct justice last June, the Globe and Mail reports.

Judge Gladys Pardu gave each of the men a 45-day conditional sentence to be served at home.

John Schertzer, 54; and Nebojsa Maodus, 49; Joseph Miched, 53; Raymond Pollard, 48; and Const. Steven Correia, 45, were convicted of attempting to obstruct justice and Miched, Pollard and Correia are also guilty of perjury.

Correia is still part of the Toronto police force and is suspended with pay.

The Crown had called for four years for Schertzer, who led the team, and three years each for the others. But they could have got 10 years for attempting to obstruct justice and 14 years for perjury.

The case dates back to 1998, when the officers searched a heroin dealer’s home in Scarborough without a warrant.