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Astronaut Chris Hadfield chats with Milton students from space station

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield prepares for a trip to the International Space Station on Dec. 19, 2012. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Maxim Shipenkov

Students at Chris Hadfield elementary in Milton got the chance to talk to their school’s namesake via videolink from space on Thursday morning.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is currently aboard the International Space Station as part of a five-month mission with NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko. He blasted off on his trip, which will see him become the first Canadian to command the space lab, from Kazakhstan on Dec. 19.

More than 800 kindergarten to Grade 8 kids at the Milton school gathered in the school’s gymnasium to ask Hadfield questions during the event that started around 10 a.m. Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen served as host and Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz and Hadfiled’s parents also planned to attend.

Hadfield answered several questions ranging from how being in space affects the body, evidence of life on other planets and how space affects the guitar he has with him on the station.

When asked what he sees when he looks out of a window on the station, he said: “I see the world … the world is this beautiful, big, blue curve — it’s just gorgeous. And it’s really fun to float to the window and see South America right there out your window.”

He also performed some tricks for the kids, including bobbing up and down and flipping his microphone and guitar around to show kids the gravity-free environment.

Hadfield has been tweeting stunning images from space since his mission began. He recently set up a Tumblr account to push out updates from space.