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Sneak peek of ‘Community’ episode ‘History 101’

The fourth season of cult NBC favourite Community will see the Greendale Community College study group deal with their upcoming graduation.

The television show returns to Citytv on Feb. 7 with an episode called History 101 and NBC released a sneak peek on Monday.

Check it out below.

The episode focuses on Jeff (actor Joel McHale), who is just a few credits away from graduating. However, there’s a limit for class space, leading to a physical competition overseen by the highstrung and costume-loving Dean Pelton (actor Jim Rash).

Meanwhile, Abed (actor Danny Pudi), who often provides commentary on the live action as if it were a television episode, is having trouble coping with the study group disbanding. Britta (actor Gillian Jacobs) tries to help him cope.