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‘Sugar daddy’ website connects students and wealthy patrons

File photo of a man paying for a woman's purchases. GETTY IMAGES/Blend Images/Andres Rodriguez.

Hundreds of Canadian university students have joined an American online service that connects young students with wealthy older patrons, promising a “sugar daddy” for every “sugar baby.”

Toronto’s Ryerson University is the top Canadian school on SeekingArrangements.com, where the tagline reads “mutually beneficial relationships and mutually beneficial arrangements.”

The site promises frank, no-strings-attached relationships, where young students – mostly women – write what they want and older patrons – mostly men – post what they’re willing to give.

The website says many of its users are coping – or trying to cope – with rapid increases in tuition as well as increasingly high costs of living.

“Racking up a student loan while you are working your way to a degree that will not necessarily guarantee you the high-paying position you hope for, is not exactly the best decision,” a blog post on the website reads.

Ryerson, with 183 users, is followed by the University of Ottawa (179) and the University of Toronto (156), SeekingArrangements.com said in a statement. York University is No. 9. Georgia State University is the fastest-growing U.S. campus.

SeekingArrangements.com launched in 2005 and boasts over two million members.