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Gamblers who lost $2M at Fallsview lose another round in lawsuit

Four high-stakes gamblers who lost $2.1 million over a few years at Fallsview Casino lost another round today in court.

The four roulette players tried to sue the casino and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, alleging that the Niagara Falls, Ont., casino’s rule for what should happen in the event of a so-called floating ball was illegal.

Fallsview Casino’s roulette dealers were allowed to remove a ball if it was either stationary while the wheel was spinning or if it just continued to spin around the wheel for a long time without falling into a numbered pocket.

The casino had asked a lower court judge to dismiss the lawsuits before even going to trial and the gamblers took their case to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, but today the high court dismissed their appeals.

The gamblers were asking the courts to make the casino return all the money they lost, but the courts ruled that shouldn’t happen and now they are also on the hook for $25,000 in legal bills for the casino and the commission.

The judge in the original decision said even if the roulette games were illegal the players weren’t owed their $2.1 million back because roulette dealers returned all bets on floating balls.