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‘Do The Bright Thing’ pedestrian safety campaign launched

Toronto police kicked off a weeklong pedestrian safety campaign called “Do The Bright Thing!” on Monday morning at Union station.

Officers will talk to people at the subway station concourse all week, encouraging pedestrians to wear bright-coloured or reflective clothing when possible.

“The need [is] to be aware, alert and visible at all times on any road. Even in the most routine circumstances, it is a key component to ensuring your safe arrival at your destination. This applies to all pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and transit users alike,” Toronto Police Assistant Supt. Gord Jones said in a statement.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, 100 people per year have been killed, on average, in pedestrian-related accidents over the past three years.

“Simply wearing reflective or bright clothing can help save lives,” Transportation Minister Glen Murray said in a statement.

Toronto police have launched several pedestrian safety campaigns over the past year, including blitzes meant to educate pedestrians about the dangers of using electronic devices while crossing streets.