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Aspirin could protect some women against melanoma: study

A daily dose of aspirin could protect some women against melanoma, one of the deadliest kinds of skin cancer, researchers at Connecticut’s Stamford University found.

Blonde and red-haired women could decrease their risk of skin cancer by up to 30 per cent by taking just two to three of the low-cost pills every week.

The results, published in the medical journal Cancer on Monday, found that the effectiveness of aspirin increased the longer women kept taking the drug.

There was an 11 per cent reduction risk after one year of aspirin use and a 22 per cent drop after one and four years of use. Women who had been taking aspirin for five years or longer saw their risk drop by as much as 30 per cent.

Light-skin is a major risk factor in developing melanoma. For the study, researchers looked at 60,000 Caucasian women who were post-menopausal and between the ages of 50 and 79.

The data was taken from the Women’s Health Initiative, a massive U.S.  study that began collecting women’s health information in 1991.

With files from CNN