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InspiraTO play festival opens in Toronto

Canada’s largest 10-minute play festival will open in Toronto on Thursday, with 28 shows geared to those with short attention spans.

“Each play is a self-standing entity with its own pitch, rhythm and pace. And yet, each is a microcosm of a greater whole,” Dominik Loncar, artistic director of InspiraTO said in a statement.

InspiraTO launched in 2006 and is now in its eighth season. This year, the shows will be held at the Alumnae Theatre, with up to 12 plays running each night.

There will be four distinct groups of plays, with each group addressing a creative challenge.

All plays in the RedShow will have the opening line, “I see a rabbit,” while in the BlueShow, all the plays have at least one of the characters leaving home.

In the OrangeShow, all the plays take place in a tunnel and in YellowShow, all the plays use rope as an integral part the play.

New this year, InspiraTO is holding a WhiteShow – a “safari” approach where audiences will be led to four site specific venues and see a 10-minute play at each venue.

Half the plays were selected from an international competition, while the other half were chosen from new Canadian voices, some of whom trained at InspiraTO’s Playwrights’ Mentoring Project.

Click here for ticket information on the festival which runs until June 8.