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Toronto's Dufferin Street remains Ontario's worst road in CAA survey

Toronto’s Dufferin Street is still the worst road in Ontario, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) said Tuesday.

Just like last year, Dufferin had the dubious honour of a first-place finish in the annual CAA drivers’ survey. CAA said 80 per cent of drivers who voted for Dufferin complained about potholes and crumbling pavement.

“Over the course of our month-long campaign, CAA received over 10,000 votes — the most votes to date,” CAA president Faye Lyons said on Dufferin on Tuesday morning.

Voting for this year’s worst roads began on May 1 and ended May 31. This year, Toronto took four of the top 10 spots.

Finch Avenue was No. 3, Bayview Avenue was No. 5 and Lawrence Avenue was No. 6. It was a better finish than last year, where Toronto had five of the top 10 spots.

“The work is not over,” Lyons said, saying the CAA would continue to pressure the Ontario government to dedicate a share of the gas tax to improving roads, bridges and highways.

Currently, the province charges 14.7 cents on every litre of gas and diesel, which generates approximately $2.3 billion a year, CAA said.

Ontario’s Top 10 Worst Roads of 2013 – CAA

10. Stanley Avenue (Niagara Falls)

9. Carling Avenue (Ottawa)

8. Bouvier Road (Clarence-Rockland)

7. Wharncliffe Road South (London)

6. Lawrence Avenue (Toronto)

5. Bayview Avenue (Toronto)

4. Kraft Creek Road (Timmins)

3. Finch Avenue (Toronto)

2. Burlington Street East (Hamilton)

1. Dufferin Street (Toronto)

What are the worst GTA roads in your opinion? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comments.

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