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Toronto police launch downtown bike safety blitz

Toronto police want to make sure cyclists can safely ride through city streets, without fear of having car doors opened in front of them, or vehicles invading their lanes.

In a campaign that launched Tuesday, officers are asking drivers to give those on bikes “space to cycle.”

The campaign continues through Sunday and hopes to reduce the risk of injury for cyclists trying to share the roads with cars.

Police are focusing on those who drive their cars in the bike lanes and those driving cars who make improper turns.

Serena, a cyclist who spoke to 680News on Tuesday morning, also emphasized that drivers who don’t be careful while opening doors are also a big part of the problem.

“They’re really not looking when they open their car door,” she said.

Cyclist-vehicle collisions have steadily increased every year in Toronto, averaging 1,500 per year.

Police will not only be watching drivers, they will be ensuring cyclists are following the rules of the road.