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Milczyn claims Holyday campaign broke city rules again

Liberal candidate Coun. Peter Milczyn claims this photo of Doug Holyday violates City of Toronto election rules. VOTEPETERMILCZYN.CA/Handout

The byelection battle for the Etobicoke-Lakeshore seat continues to heat up after Liberal candidate Coun. Peter Milczyn has accused his Conservative rival, Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday, of breaking election rules for the second time.

Milczyn claims a photo of Holyday campaigning on a TTC platform is in clear violation of City of Toronto rules.

“Doug Holyday is showing complete disregard for the rules and using City resources as though they were his,” Milczyn said in a statement released Tuesday.

“Abuse of taxpayers’ money and city property is the very thing that Doug Holyday and the Ford brothers were supposed to clean up, and we see Doug Holyday misusing City garbage trucks and now TTC property.”

Holyday’s campaign wasn’t immediately available for comment.

This is the second complaint filed against Holyday by Milczyn.

The first came after Holyday and PC Leader Tim Hudak stood next to a Green for Life garbage truck adorned with a City of Toronto logo last week.

The Liberal party drafted a letter dated July 26 to Elections Ontario asking whether the photo op violated rules after Green For Life and the city consented to the truck being used for the event free of charge.

Holyday’s press secretary Christine Bujold reiterated to CityNews.ca, “There were no city resources used in our photo op and that was confirmed” by the private garbage contractor.

She added the Liberals were trying “to change the channel” away from scandals, such as the cancelled GTA gas plants which have cost taxpayers at least $585 million.

The Etobicoke-Lakeshore seat was made vacant when former education minister Laurel Broten stepped down last month.

Voting in that byelection, one of five in the province, occurs on Thursday.