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Obama says U.S. officials believe Syrian government behind chemical attack

President Barack Obama says he is still weighing whether to launch a military strike against Syria.

The president told PBS Wednesday U.S. officials believe the Syrian government is responsible for an Aug. 21 chemical weapon attach that rebels claim killed 1,300 people.

But he gave a hit of his next move.

“I have not made a decision,” Obama explained. “I have gotten options from our military. I had extensive discussions with my national security team.”

President Obama added that there must be “international consequences.”

Members of Congress are urging the president to consult them before taking any military action.

“I don’t want what we may be getting ready to do with Syria to take us away from that stated strategy and policy of insuring that we don’t get ourselves directly involved in any kind of quagmire relative to a civil war,” Sen. Bob Corker told CNN. “I think what the patrol is proposing, a surgical proportional strike, is called for here, assuming, again, the intelligence briefing that i get justify those actions.”

Some lawmakers have noted that the president has the authority, under the War Powers Act, to order limited missle strikes and only report to Congress after ther fact.

Defense secretary Chuck Hagel has said U.S. forces are ready to strike if ordered.