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Harper's Throne Speech rumoured to include passengers' bill of rights

You could soon have more protection from the federal government when you board a flight.

There is wide speculation that next week’s Throne Speech could include the announcement of an air passengers’ bill of rights to ensure consumers are properly treated when they are bumped from flights or their trips are delayed.

When these things happen, the New Democrats want passengers to be reimbursed hundreds of dollars.

But the NDP’s Glenn Thibeault is skeptical the Conservatives will do that.

“I don’t see them doing anything to protect consumers except do a lot of shoddy pony stuff with not a lot of teeth.”

“From credit card interest rates to credit card fees to air passengers bill of rights to the telecom file, everything they’ve done is voted against it or make it voluntary and toothless.”

Marc-Andre O’Rourke, director of the National Airlines Council of Canada, says the NDP proposals are uneconomic and unreasonable but he hopes the government will listen to everyone involved before crafting any legislation.

“All the stakeholders in air transportation be part of this consultation, including the passengers.”

The Transport Minister’s office would not confirm or deny any air passengers bill of rights, saying it will not comment on speculation.