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Ford to investigate photo of city employee appearing to sleep on the job

Photo Courtesy: Giorgio Mammoliti

Mayor Rob Ford has ordered an investigation into a picture that was released of a Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation employee caught apparently sleeping on the job.

Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti, the parks committee chair, brought the issue to the mayor’s attention after releasing the photo Wednesday.

According to Mammoliti, the employee works at the Carmine Stefano Community Centre at Weston Road and Sheppard Avenue and has a history of sitting at a desk with his head down instead of working.

“This is a weight room,” he said.

“Health and safety issues have to be a factor here. Whether he is sleeping or not, somebody is on a weight, and that weight can fall on them. Somebody needs to take care of them.”

Mammoliti said residents complained when they saw the worker and weren’t able to get into the weight room.

Ford has instructed the head of Parks, Forestry and Recreation to look into the matter, and issued a stern warning.

“If this is the case, I’m going to ask for the employee and the manager to be dismissed. We cannot tolerate this.”

Meanwhile, Tim Maguire, President of CUPE 79, the union representing Toronto Inside Workers, accused Mammoliti of playing politics, “our assumption, until further information, is that this employee was on a mid-morning break,” Maguire said.

He also accused Mammoliti of using the photo to bolster the city’s case for possible staff cuts when contract talks begin next week.