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Doug Ford wants to reopen casino debate

Coun. Doug Ford wants city hall to reopen the debate over whether Toronto should host a casino.

In May, council voted against the idea of hosting a casino anywhere in the city, including downtown and the Woodbine Racetrack, already home to 3,000 slot machines.

“I want to reach out to council,” Ford said.

“Woodbine Racetrack ended up suffering because there was so much focus on the downtown leading to a ‘No casino anywhere’ vote result.

“Again, I’m just hearing — and I could be wrong because council changes their mind — that people aren’t opposed to Woodbine. Not everyone, per se.”

Ford needs the support of two-thirds of council to reopen the issue.

“I’m confident, 100 per cent, that we have 50-per-cent plus one to get it through,” he said. “But we either wait a year until we can do that or we figure out another way of putting a motion on the table.

“A lot of people say they have no problem with Woodbine, so we’ll see what happens.”

Vaughan recently rejected a casino as well.