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Pumpkin carving tips and videos

Looking to stand out from the crowd this Halloween?

Inspiration abounds on social media, with plenty of pumpkin-carving tips and videos online.

While some of them are unconventional – we do not recommend using a gun, for example – they are certainly popular.

Check out three of the most-viewed videos below and click here to send us your pumpkin photos.

Plus, check out this Toronto pumpkin parade from Soruaren Park:

Pumpkin Carving Tips

  • You’ll need: a sturdy paring knife, a scraper, X-acto knives and bowls to collect the “guts”
  • You may want: linoleum cutters (used in printmaking), small sculpting ribbons, and fine line drawing markers
  • Sketch your design first with a washable pen (not a Sharpie)
  • When cutting off the lid, angle your cuts towards the centre
  • Check your progress as you go by using a flashlight

Tips from Serious Eats and Martha Stewart