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Ford criticizes councillors & calls for police to release video

File photo. Rob Ford appears on John Oakley Show. October 27, 2010.

Mayor Rob Ford repeated his calls for police to release an infamous video and had harsh words for councillors who criticized his behaviour during a radio appearance on Monday morning.

Ford spoke with AM 640 host John Oakley during an in-studio, one-on-one interview.

Many, including councillors Shelley Carroll and Ana Bailao, have urged Ford to step down, and councillor Joe Mihevc said Monday Ford’s apology didn’t go far enough.

“If I want to get into stories about councillors down at city hall, you know what, I’m not a rat, so let’s leave it at that,” Ford told Oakley.

When Oakley said that all four major newspapers have also called for Ford to step aside, Ford said he didn’t listen to the media.

“The only people I listen to…are the taxpayers. The people that elected me,” he said.

“On Oct. 27 next year, everyone’s going to have a choice. They can look at me and they can look at everyone else who’s running.”

Last week, investigators said aid they have several videos in their possession, including what’s believed to be one of Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine. That video will be evidence in the case against a friend and sometimes driver for the mayor Alexander Lisi who faces criminal offences including trafficking marijuana. Police allege Lisi, 35, tried to get his hands on the video and charged him with extortion.

“It’s the criminal charges, I think, that are the serious implication here,” Oakley said.

Ford, who previously said the video did not exist, responded that he had not been charged. He also praised police, saying Toronto has the best force in the world and promised to release more offices in the next budget.

Ford also said his brother Doug will be premier one day and that his own reputation would not tarnish his brother’s political ambition.