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Investigation of vice-principal in Halloween blackface completed

The Peel District School Board says it has concluded its investigation of a Mayfield Secondary School vice-president who showed up at school on Halloween in blackface as Mr. T.

A spokesman confirmed to CityNews on Wednesday that the board had completed its investigation of Lionel Klotz late Tuesday but it wouldn’t disclose its decision, saying in an email, “As this is a personnel matter, we cannot comment on the outcome of the investigation.”

In a follow-up email, Ryan Reyes said the outcome would be shared with students in a letter to be sent home to parents later Wednesday. Punishment for the action can span from a formal write-up to termination.

The letter said “The vice-principal deeply regrets his conduct and now has a clear understanding of the impact of his conduct.”

It went on to say Klotz’s behaviour doesn’t reflect the values of the board and “appropriate measures have been taken,” though it didn’t disclose those measures.

Meanwhile, two petitions garnered hundreds of signatures in support of Klotz.

One petition attracted 550 student signatures, according to trustee Stan Cameron, who told CityNews he will share it with trustees at their next meeting. An online petition #SaveKlotz2013 attracted 466 signatures and says, “This petition is to show the love of the school and the hope of Mr.Klotz keeping his job! Us of mayfield have to stick together as a whole, and every signature counts!”

The school board began its investigation earlier this week after it got a number of complaints about Klotz from members of the community as well as a fellow staff member. Mayfield has about 1,842 students.

Peel’s education director Tony Pontes told CityNews on Monday that he “was disappointed that this happened.”

The vice-principal was ordered to stay home until the investigation was completed.


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