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Bautista for Brown trade rumour pure fantasy

Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista hits a two run homerun off Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Sonny Gray during first inning AL baseball action in Toronto, Aug. 10, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

The nonsense inherent to the GM meetings was whipping around like the howling winds in Orlando early Wednesday morning, with a report out of Philadelphia suggesting the Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays were working on a Jose Bautista for Domonic Brown-plus swap.

Before things get all Yu Darvishy in Toronto, there’s no validity to it. None.

Much like the recent round of Blue-Jays-interested-in-Gordon-Beckham rumours, this appears to be another attempt to increase a player’s market value by using Alex Anthopoulos’s secretiveness as a cover.

The Blue Jays have no interest in Beckham, nor do they in trading an elite slugger under a good contract for a 26-year-old with one all-star season under his belt after years of struggling to acclimate to the big-leagues.

Still, that didn’t stop the rumour, reported by Fox 29’s Howard Eskin late Tuesday night, from taking on a life of its own, with a social media debate stirred up among the fanbases of both clubs.


Much like the Darvish debacle in the winter of 2011, when various reports grossly exaggerated the Blue Jays’ interest in bidding for the Japanese right-hander and expectant fans were left disappointed when the Texas Rangers won the posting process, a healthy dose of skepticism is needed at this time of year.

Tuesday began with talk of the Blue Jays being a mystery team in pursuit of second baseman Robinson Cano and ended with Bautista-for-Brown-plus. Disney World’s New Fantasyland isn’t far from the GM meetings, but Anthopoulos hasn’t been hanging out there.