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Senators grill auditors on Duffy expense study

Senator Mike Duffy holds up his glass during the Maritime Energy Association's annual dinner in Halifax on Feb. 6, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Devaan Ingraham

Auditors from Deloitte are telling a Senate committee there was no interference in their audits of the three senators at the centre of the ongoing expense scandal.

Three auditors from the firm are being asked what they know about allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office tried to sway the outcome of their work.

But audit leader Gary Timm tells the committee that he checked with his full team, and no one said they were pressured to alter their findings.

An explosive RCMP affidavit filed in court last week featured emails between the prime minister’s staff about discussions that took place with a Deloitte executive while the audit was unfolding.

The audit — which cost $137,784 taxpayer dollars and studied Duffy, Sen. Patrick Brazeau and Sen. Mac Harb — examined whether the three were properly claiming expenses for their secondary residences.

The meeting of the Senate’s internal economy committee, which is normally closed to scrutiny, is open to the public on Thursday.