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Coun. McConnell says she suffered whiplash during Ford run-in

Coun. Pam McConnell says she suffered whiplash and has had to visit the chiropractor following her run-in with Mayor Rob Ford during a city council meeting in November.

Ford almost knocked over McConnell as he ran to the aid of his brother after mayhem broke out involving Coun. Ford and a member of the public during the council session where Ford was stripped of most of his mayoral powers.

“I’m fine, I go to the chiropractor and do my medical whatevers but if you look, I don’t have great mobility,” McConnell said on Tuesday.

Shortly after the incident Ford was asked in council to apologize to McConnell for the incident.

β€œIt was a complete accident,” Ford said. β€œI do sincerely apologize to you, Coun. McConnell.”

McConnell said despite that, she has yet to receive a personal apology from Ford.

“The mayor has never personally spoke to me about the injury that he gave to me, nor has his brother,” she said. “I’m doing just fine and I will get over the whiplash that he gave me but he hasn’t asked me and he hasn’t in any way indicated to me that he gets that he, at 300 pounds, hit a woman… and it was reckless what he did.”

McConnell added that she has had security look into the incident and she will be sending the results of their investigation to the Integrity commission.