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EXCLUSIVE: Bunny Ranch owner plans to open Toronto location after SCOC ruling

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof says he's going to open a brothel location in Toronto following Friday's landmark ruling by Canada's top court that struck down the anti-prostitution laws. CITYNEWS

The owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a famous Nevada brothel, plans to open a Toronto location after Friday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down anti-prostitution laws.

“We’re gonna see a Bunny Ranch Toronto. We’re gonna start working seriously on it now that they’ve made this decision,” owner Dennis Hof told CityNews on Friday.

“It’s an honest relationship without the criminal activity that goes behind it all over Canada, all over North America,” Hof said, of his brothel.

He didn’t say when he intends to open the brothel here but that he has a place in mind.

“We’ve got something pinpointed. It’s an area that’s sort of on the decline, in the downtown area. And we have a few buildings that we’ve looked at. I’ll have to come visit in person now.”

The top court struck down all three prostitution-related laws: against keeping a brothel, living on the avails of prostitution and street soliciting.

The ruling is a victory for sex workers seeking safer working conditions because it found that the laws violated the Charter guarantee to life, liberty and security of the person.

But the court’s decision also gives Parliament a one-year reprieve to respond with new legislation.

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With files from the Canadian Press

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