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Mayor Ford not on list premier talked with on ice storm

Toronto’s embattled mayor is trying to take a high media profile as his city grapples with power outages from the weekend’s ice storm.

But Ontario’s premier appears to be bypassing Rob Ford as she co-ordinates recovery efforts with municipalities affected by the storm.

Kathleen Wynne held a news conference on Sunday to talk about the province’s role and she reeled off a list of mayors that either she or her office has contacted.

Ford was not on the list _ Wynne said she talked to deputy mayor Norm Kelly about how the province can assist.

City council voted last month to strip Ford of most of his powers, handing them to Kelly.

Ford was the dominant voice during a news conference the city held about the storm before Wynne’s media event.

He’s also done a number of one-on-one media interviews about the storm, which left hundreds of thousands of people in parts of southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada without power.

Ford has spent months in the media spotlight over an ongoing scandal involving admitted drug use and verbal gaffes.