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Peel board faces mean tweets when schools stay open

File photo, courtesy of Lisa J. Goodman.

Some students weren’t too happy that the Peel District School Board (PDSB) didn’t call for a snow day on Monday despite the slippery conditions.

The PDSB tweeted on Monday that despite the bone-chilling weather all buses except those in Caledon and all schools were still open for business.

Some students like Danielle Cordina tweeted “there is a flash freeze. How is that justified as safe for teachers and inner city buses to get there safely.”

Jason Chua reacted, “@PeelSchools I began crying when I saw this tweet.”

But others were less cordial including one person who tweeted “Shoutout @PeelSchools for f—– my day up.”

Another user posted, “@PeelSchool yeo flights are cancelled and they fly schools are not cancelled and I have to f—– walk thank you for ruining my day.”

One woman said the students should be punished for their negative tweets.



The school board, which wasn’t immediately available for comment, told students on Twitter to be respectful online and reminded others “to choose your words wisely please #BeKind.”

The board also reminded everyone of its digital code of conduct and started counter tweeting using the hashtag #showyourbestself.



How should the board deal with the students’ mean tweets? Share your thoughts in the comments.