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Falls, complaints about icy sidewalks surge in Toronto

The number of people who have been injured in falls is a lot higher than normal because of the ice buildup in the city.

Toronto EMS said, on average, about three people an hour are being admitted to hospitals after slipping on ice, with everything from broken bones to head injuries.

And Peter Noehammer of Toronto’s Transportation Services said the department has had about 1,100 complaints about slippery sidewalks since the ice storm hit on Dec. 21, 2013.

According to a city bylaw, homeowners must clear their walks within 12 hours after a storm or snowfall or face a fine of $125.

The upshot is chiropractors have reported more back and shoulder injuries because of people hunching over to chip away at the ice.

The city is doing its best to help clear the ice, but Noehammer said the freeze-thaw cycle has been a challenge.

CityNews meteorologist Natasha Ramsahai said the ice isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“In order to get that ice melting on playgrounds, we need a good four, five or six days of temperatures of 6 C and up, and some good sunshine, and that’s simply not in the forecast,” Ramsahai said on Thursday.

It was a slick on the roads as well on Friday morning with a fresh layer of snow covering the ice, and it could be a slow commute home too.

Crashes were reported across the GTA, including one between two snow plow drivers in Thornhill.

And according to 680News meteorologist Jill Taylor, another one to two centimetres of snow is possible on Friday night. Click here for the forecast.

Taylor said another polar plunge is expected next week.

“That cold Arctic air is going to return. It will feel more like -28 by mid-week. Wind chill values though not as cold as we experienced on Jan. 7, when we were dealing with wind chill values near -39,” she said.

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