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Justin Bieber escapes scandal at Panama beach

Justin Bieber is seen a police mug shot on Jan. 23,2014. MIAMI BEACH PD.

Justin Bieber is escaping his recent U.S. scandal by hitting a Panama beach.

Media reports said the pop star arrived in Panama on Saturday and fans of his arrived on Sunday.

Bieber was seen on a beach in the resort town of Punta Chame just days after his tumultuous life off-stage landed him in jail in Florida.

“It’s excellent [that he is here], it took us by surprise and now we have come from far to see him. When he left Miami, nobody knew where he was going and suddenly he was here in Panama, it was emotional, I cried,” said fan Yovana Garcia.

“I want him to be my husband, I love him so much, I want to have my children with him,” added Alejandra Sanchez, another fan.

Bieber is reported to be staying at the Nitrocity resort in Punta Chame, which is a popular destination for kite-surfers.

Bieber was arrested on Thursday for drunk driving after he was caught drag racing on a main Miami Beach street in a rented Lamborghini.

The 19-year-old Canadian initially resisted arrest, cursed at police officers and later told them he had consumed alcohol, pot and prescription drugs, police said. Then, changing his demeanour, he grew cooperative and even smiled for his mug shot, coifed hair perfectly in place.

A judge set bail at $2,500 and released the Boyfriend singer. If convicted, Bieber could face jail time of up to six months, although experts say he will likely get off with a lighter sentence for his first offence.

Bieber’s arrest is his most serious run-in with the law during a year in which his problems have ranged from allegations of speeding through his gated community near Los Angeles to a felony investigation into whether he pelted a neighbour’s house with eggs.

His once meteoric career has also showed signs of distress. A year ago, he became the youngest artist with five No. 1 albums, but in March he collapsed on a London stage and in December hinted he might be ready to retire after releasing a compilation album and a film about his life.