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Inquest jury in Baldwin case set to consider recommendations

The jury in a coroner’s inquest into the death of a Toronto boy whose grandparents starved him to death is expected to start considering their recommendations Thursday.

The jury in the Jeffrey Baldwin inquest heard from more than 50 witnesses and has more than 300 exhibits to consider.

Jeffrey’s grandparents kept him locked up for long stretches of time in a cold room with his own waste and chronically starved him.

He was a healthy baby when the Catholic Children’s Aid Society in Toronto placed him with his grandparents.

However, by the time he died at age five, he weighed about the same as on his first birthday.

Authorities didn’t realize until after Jeffrey’s death that both grandparents were convicted child abusers.

Among the recommendations the jury has been asked to consider is one urging the Ontario government to allow children’s aid societies to access each other’s child protection records.