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Tories edging out Wynne's Liberals: poll

The majority of Ontarians believe it’s time for new leadership, according to a new poll by Ipsos Reid.

Sixty-nine per cent of those polled said they believe ‘it is time for another provincial party to take over and run the province.’

The findings come on the heals of a byelection which saw the Liberals lose in two territories – the Conservatives held on to Thornhill while the NDP came out on top in Niagara Falls.

“Tonight we saw proof that the people of Ontario want to see change,” said Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak following the byelection. “And they sent the Liberals a very clear message that they want leadership that’s going to take decisive action…and get Ontario moving again.”

The poll, which was conducted a week before the byelection, showed Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives are taking a slight lead across the province.

If a general election took place tomorrow 34 per cent of Ontarians said they would vote Conservative – which is up three points since late 2013.

However, only 28 per cent backed the idea of Hudak as premier.

The poll also showed support for Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals dropped three points, putting them in an exact tie with the unchanged NDP at 31 per cent. Just one in three Ontarians said they thought the Liberals, under Wynne, have done a good job and deserve re-election.

The poll also found nearly 16 per cent of voters remain undecided which would be enough to hand any of the three main parties the leadership.

When it comes to territory the Liberals remain a stronghold in Toronto proper with 43 per cent over the Torie’s 29 per cent while the opposite holds true in the 905.

Ontarians said the number one issue on their minds is the economy.

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