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Struggling elementary students likely to carry struggle into high school

If a student is struggling in elementary school, he or she will likely carry that struggle over into high school, according to a new report by the province’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

Of the students who didn’t meet the provincial standard in Grade 3 and Grade 6, 51 per cent or 11,957 failed the Grade 10 literacy test and 53 per cent failed the Grade 9 provincial math test, according to the EQAO report.

EQAO CEO Bruce Rodrigues said the latest research is an important reminder that educators and parents need to pay close attention to students’ results on the provincial tests.

“If a student is not meeting the provincial standard in elementary school, it’s a red flag that he or she may be up to 25 times more likely to carry that struggle into secondary school,” he said. “Such students need immediate and meaningful interventions to change their path toward lasting success.”

The report, which tracked 115,185 students over an eight-year period beginning in 2004, found that 83 per cent  were successful on the Grade 10 literacy test in 2011–2012, and 84 per cent of students in the academic course met the provincial standard on the Grade 9 provincial math test.

It also found elementary students who read for fun at least three hours a week were getting solid scores in high school testing. Those who failed were less likely to read outside of school.

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