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Toronto's Catholic school board to reintroduce cursive writing: report

It’s a complaint so common it’s nearly become cliche: “Kids today! With all their texting and typing, few of them can even write anymore.”

So common, in fact, that the Toronto Catholic District School Board is looking at ways to re-introduce cursive writing in schools, according to a published report.

Trustee Ann Andrachuck told the Toronto Star parents have complained that their children don’t even know how to sign their name.

She introduced the motion to the board and it was approved.

The newspaper reports a spokesperson for Minister of Education Liz Sandals says boards are free to increase the emphasis on cursive writing as long as they comply with the curriculum.

In the U.S., Tennessee and California are looking to re-introduce cursive writing into their curriculum.

In Ontario, the Star reports cursive writing is mentioned in the curriculum starting in Grade 3; however, Andrachuck says it’s not a “requirement.”

Do you use cursive writing? Do you think it’s a skill that needs to be learned?