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Kimmel slams Ford after mistaken council vote

Jimmy Kimmel returned to his favourite punching bag, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, after Ford made an error voting on Wednesday.

Ford mistakenly voted against honouring Nelson Mandela and Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes who had competed in Sochi.

“Finally, a leader who’s not afraid to take a stand against athletic excellence and Nelson Mandela,” Kimmel joked during his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Come on Toronto, how can you not re-elect this guy? He’s the best! And by the way, it’s Wednesday. This is the first mistake he’s made all week.”

Kimmel also cited 680News in his monologue, pulling up their tweets from the council vote onscreen. Follow @680News here.

Later in the show, Kimmel welcomed U.S. President Bill Clinton and he asked Clinton if he had been following the Ford scandal.

“Well I will say this: He has absolutely destroyed every stereotype people have about Canadians,” Clinton said, to applause and laughter.

“Rob Ford has proved that stereotypes are not good, positive or negative.”

Is it time for Kimmel to move on? Or is the attention good for Ford? Let us know in the comments.