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EXCLUSIVE: Stuckless pleading guilty to 103 charges next week, lawyer says

Convicted Maple Leaf Gardens child molester Gordon Stuckless is planning to plead guilty to 103 new charges next week, his lawyer tells CityNews.

Stuckless, 64, is facing a total of 108 charges related to 18 victims who came forward in 2013. Fifteen victims won’t be going to trial as Stuckless is pleading guilty to charges that relate to them.

“To his credit he is coming forward and he is sparing a significant number of people the stress and the angst of coming to court and testifying,” defence lawyer Ari Goldkind told CityNews.

Three other victims are going to trial. Stuckless plans to plead not guilty to five charges since they don’t fit his modus operandi, Goldkind explained.

In 1997, Stuckless was convicted for sexual assaults on 24 boys while he was an usher at Maple Leaf Gardens between 1969 and 1988.

Goldkind says Stuckless has been undergoing chemical castration since 2001.

“From the day he got out he was adamant that he would never touch or harm another young man again,” Goldkind said.

The new charges stem from alleged offences from decades ago — against boys who only recently came forward with allegations.

Stuckless is scheduled to be in court at Old City Hall on April 22.