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Tenants still homeless after partial collapse of Little Portugal home

Tenants are still homeless after the wall of a Little Portugal area home partly collapsed.

The semi-detatched unit was under construction at the time of the collapse.

A wall of the unoccupied half of a semi-detached home on Roxton Road, south of College Street, fell around 11:20 p.m. on Wednesday.

Residents living in the attached unit say they have not been able to return home to get any of their belongings since the collapse.

City officials told CityNews they had done a safety inspection on the home the afternoon before the collapse.

Both the owner and the contractor were verbally issued unsafe orders to comply under the Building Code Act, a city spokesperson said Thursday.

Crews were ordered “to provide shoring for the wall and floor immediately, as a temporary measure, and to have their engineer attend the site to review the conditions and come up with a remedial action plan to rectify the unsafe condition,” according to an email from the city.

No one was injured in the collapse.

Officials say the tenants will have to wait to hear from the city as to when they can return home.

With files from Erin Criger