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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford once again fodder for late-night hosts

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was once again fodder for late-night hosts on Thursday, the day he flew to Chicago to seek treatment for substance abuse.

He took a leave of absence from city hall amid reports of another video of him purportedly smoking crack cocaine — allegedly shot this past weekend — as well as an audio tape featuring him ranting and making lewd comments about mayoral candidate Karen Stintz and his wife, Renata.

Jimmy Kimmel, who has hosted Ford on his show and mocked the mayor often, joked that he talked about Ford so much, Ford seems like an employee.

“For us, this is an HR issue,” Kimmel said on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“He finally admitted he needs professional help, which I agree. He needs professional help, he needs amateur help, he can go see a witch doctor, get help. Anything,” Kimmel said.

Watch Kimmel’s entire monologue on Ford below:

Ford was also mocked on The Late Show.

“Is there a videotape out there of him not smoking crack?” David Letterman said.

On Wednesday evening, the Globe and Mail said two of its reporters had seen a video showing the mayor taking a drag from a small copper-coloured pipe and exhaling a cloud of smoke.

The newspaper reports that the video was filmed in Ford’s sister’s basement Saturday morning by a self-professed drug dealer.

It’s the second video to emerge of Ford allegedly smoking drugs. The first, which surfaced roughly a year ago, was the flashpoint in a massive scandal involving the mayor that made international headlines.

On The Daily Show, a news clip played of a CBS anchor announcing that Ford was finally seeking treatment.

Host Jon Stewart did a spit take, spraying water at the camera. He then applauded the decision.

With files from Toronto Staff