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2,000 guests at Brampton 'mansion party' raided by police

Police investigate at a mansion in Brampton after shutting down a massive party on May 2, 2014. CITYNEWS

An army of Peel police officers descended on an out-of-control party at a house under renovation in Brampton on Friday night.

Police said they were called about the gathering on Stanley Carberry Drive, near Goreway Drive and Mayfield Road, just before 10 p.m.

When they arrived to find about 2,000 guests, they realized they needed backup. About 60 units responded, including canine, tactical, forensics and road safety.

“We’ve pulled units from virtually every unit in the region to go up and assist with this,” said Const. Lily Fitzpatrick at the time.

Several people were arrested for public intoxication and assaulting police officers.

No one was hurt, but police estimate about $70,000 worth of damage was done to the house.

Officers stationed in Brampton high schools had heard about the party and visited the homeowner to warn her on Friday evening.

Police said the party organizer had permission to host the party, but did not expect so many people to attend.

They said the party was heavily promoted on Twitter, where it was described as a “mansion party,” and word spread fast.

“We’re hoping the public can take note and realize that social media may not be the place to plan a party. [People] are not aware of how far-reaching social media is, and how quickly things can get out of hand,” said Peel police Const. Thomas Ruttan.

The homeowner and neighbours called police when noise and traffic became unmanageable. The homeowner isn’t likely to face charges, according to police.