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Poll shows most Torontonians want cyclists to be licenced

A new poll suggests most Canadians (60 per cent) would like to see licencing for urban cyclists, with 66.7 per cent of Torontonians in favour of the idea.

The Leger poll showed even more support for licencing cyclists in Vancouver (76 per cent).

The survey, for kanetix.ca, also reflected the growing anxiety on our streets, with 94 per cent of cyclists saying they feel nervous around cars, and 61 per cent of drivers saying the same about cyclists.

Sixty-three per cent of Canadians agree that their respective towns should invest more in bike lanes.

In 2011, Toronto city councillor David Shiner led a push to have cyclists licenced after a 56-year-old female pedestrian was struck by a cyclist and seriously injured in downtown Toronto.

“Bikes should have plates identifying them, as every other vehicle has to on the road. I also believe that people that ride bicycles should have a license, similar to what is required for water craft,” Shiner said at the time.

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